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            來源:萊實集團 時間:2023-09-29 瀏覽:841


            "84 Days" at Fenghuang Lake Automobile and Motorcycle Ecological Industrial Park in Yongchuan High-tech Zone, Chongqing



            In 84 days, the 12,000-ton steel frame structure of the joint factory was erected! The Phoenix Lake Automobile and Motorcycle Ecological Industrial Park in Yongchuan High-tech Zone, Chongqing once again staged "Laishi Speed".

            Recently, the construction site of the first phase of Yongchuan Automobile and Motorcycle Industrial Park is still in full swing. Looking from a distance, on the south side of the prototype joint factory building, a crawler crane slowly raised its thick red boom, making a "rumbling" mechanical roar. Faced with a series of construction difficulties such as "large project volume and limited construction period", our project team worked hard and successfully completed the construction task within 84 days.


            The factory building after the main structure is capped



            In order to successfully complete this construction task, the group established an efficient and mechanized construction team consisting of 14 managers, 263 professional construction personnel, 8 crawler cranes, 4 autocranes and 16 Articulated Boom Lifts. In particular, 16 aerial vehicles are used to replace traditional climbing operations. The investment increased by 40%, resulting in a 60% improvement in construction efficiency and a significant reduction in the risk of falling safety.

            The main structure of the first phase joint factory of Yongchuan Automobile and Motorcycle Industrial Park was successfully capped. Every inch witnesses Laishi builders’ unremitting pursuit of craftsmanship.


            Overall view of the project

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